Fragrance Run Out - Sample Melt Shots

Fragrance Run Out - Sample Melt Shots

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Fragrances that have either been discontinued from our suppliers or we aren’t planning on restocking - here you’ll find 20 sample sized shot pots - a perfect gift for candle and fragrance lovers! 

If you have trouble deciding on a scent, or if you just love melts, these are for you. Sample an assortment of what we have available in fun sized goodness. 

Current Scents (24/10/2020)

Caramelised Pear, Ambered Sandalwood, White Peach & Musk, Prosecco Rose, Fierce (type), Green Tea, Honey Bunny, Citrus Sage & Chamomile, Asian Pear & Lily, Pink Apple & Vanilla Frosting, Balance (type), Rio De Janeiro (type), Peppermint Candy Apple, Pretty Little Poppies, Island Christmas, Blackcurrant & Liquorice, Ginger & Black Orchid, Lavender Cucumber & Sage, Nectarine & Mint, Dragon’s Blood


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