Lash Application Guide + Lash Care

Lash Application Guide

What you'll need:
- Lashes
- Scissors
- Eyelash adhesive (we recommend our Assistant Adhesive or Eyeliner Adhesive)
- Lash applicator or tweezers
- Mini lash curler (optional, but an absolutely game changer)
Steps to perfect lash application with glue:
  1.  Apply mascara to your natural lashes only. We don't recommend applying mascara to your Klepki Lashes as this will shorten to lifespan of your lashes dramatically.
  2. Gently remove your lashes from their tray, ensuring that they're carefully lifted from the band and not by the lashes. Pulling on the hair itself can lead to damaged lashes.
  3. Measure your Klepki lashes against your lash line. The band should be slightly shorter than your natural lash line. If you leave your band too long, you'll have a band that's poking your eye all day!
  4. Trim your lashes (if needed) from the outer corner only. This is very important, as it'll preserve the shape of the lash. Do not trim from the inner corner.
  5. Apply a thin, even line of adhesive across the band. I like to let mine dry down a good 3 minutes or until transparent and tacky.
    (Quick tip, I like to apply a very thin coat of glue on the band and allow it to dry completely before applying the final line of glue. I get all day hold like this!) 
  6. Looking down into a mirror, using your fingers, applicator or tweezers, apply the lash to the centre of your lash line. Secure the outer corners (I like to secure the inner corner first) and ensure the band is sitting flush to your lash line. Pinch your natural and false lashes together with your fingers, or for the most natural and incredible finish, use our mini lash curler to clamp together.