About Klepki & Co. Candles and Melts

Klepki & Co. deliver absolute opulence, with alluring fragrances and designer glassware. With a large variety of options, Klepki & Co. is the perfect gift for all occasions.
We cater for corporate events, weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, Christening's, and many other events. 

Each Klepki & Co. candle is hand made and poured with 100% pure soy wax. Each candle is cruelty-free, and the beautiful vintage inspired glassware is reusable. Simply wash with warm soapy water when you've finished burning your candle.

You can use the trinkets to hold jewellery, makeup brushes, confectionery - whatever you can think of. 

We are extremely passionate about giving back to our community. When originally starting Klepki & Co. Candles, we wanted to create something that would go towards a cause and benefit our community.
It is a sad reality that the majority of us have, in some way or another, been affected by cancer. Whether you've had a friend who has battled cancer, know someone undergoing treatment, have battled it yourself or lost loved ones to this disease, cancer is one of Australia's (and the worlds) leading cause of death. We want to change that, even if our contribution is small, the greatest movements in history have started from something small.
For each candle sold, Klepki & Co. will proudly donate $5 to 
The Cancer Council Australia. We hope you not only love your beautiful candles but also help us make a small difference.



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