When I first started Klepki Cosmetics I was working full time as a makeup artist in the Illawarra area of Australia. As a MUA, I was always looking to stock high quality lashes that would give my clients lashes that not only looked great, but wouldn't contribute to landfill the moment they were done wearing their makeup. I've always tried to reduce waste where practical, so developing lashes that could be reused dozens of times made sense.

As the years have passed, I've developed connections to some of the best manufacturers in the world. We work closely with our designers and manufacturers to create unique, long lasting, ethical and beautiful false eyelashes, cosmetics and more.

Part of our business goal will always be to empower whoever is wearing our products. We love seeing people wear Klepki Cosmetics in both their huge life milestones and their day to day life. 
To me, it's a humbling and beautiful feeling to see our products on others in any part of their lives as well as seeing our products enrich your life, even in seemingly small ways. 

Another thing I wanted to achieve with Klepki was a beautiful unboxing experience. My main love language is gifts, and my absolute favourite part about ordering things online (or shopping in general) is feeling like the person that packed your order genuinely cares about you. I love a beautiful unboxing experience, I love thought out elements and hand written notes, I love that you can make someone's day with a note that wishes them well. So, with that being said, I hope whenever you order from us you'll have that experience.

In an effort to give back, Klepki Cosmetics plants a tree with every single order placed via One Tree Planted - an incredible non-profit business that plants trees across the globe. You can read more about them and why we do this here

I hope that whenever you shop with us that you have a beautiful experience, I do a happy dance every time we get an order (still!).

Stay beautiful.
- Kristina x