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Here at Klepki Lashes we believe you shouldn’t settle. Don’t settle for short-lived products that only look great for the first few hours, enjoy products that look great all night, the next day and the next. 

We’ve all heard or seen, the horror stories that can unfold when using fake lashes. Whether they simply look just that – completely and utterly fake, don’t offer true volume or length, irritate the skin, or come off half way through the night, perfecting that glamorous look is tougher than it seems. Not anymore! 

We believe getting the best results starts with using the best products, so our team set out to create a stunning range of premium quality mink fake eyelashes that could be bought online and applied with ease.

Why go mink?

Most false lashes you will come across, whether in stores or salons, are made using synthetic materials. While these may be a cost effective option, they don’t always give you the look you are after. Typically using plastic, the lash looks unnatural as it is often thicker than the natural human lash and has a stubby end. The material can make them quite heavy, which can become uncomfortable to wear over extended periods combined with their less malleable band. 

Mink is different. 

Mink fake lashes are a lightweight alternative that ultimately looks more natural on your eye. The ones you purchase from us here at Klepki have been lovingly handmade and are attached to a flexible cotton band to ensure comfort and easy application. More than just the look and feel of them, though, one of the biggest benefits of going mink is the ability to reuse them. With the right care, you can enjoy stunning luscious lashes at every event you like for as long as possible. 

Ordering online is easy

Ready to experience the difference that comes from luxury handmade eyelashes? We’ve made it as easy as possible to order your new products and have them delivered. Simply select the style you like, add to your cart and follow the prompts. Need help? Email us on 



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