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I don't know why I haven't updated our blog more often. I forget that it even exists, and I'm also not entirely sure if anyone even checks it.

I've been on my computer for about four weeks straight. In that time we've designed a complete new look to our lash boxes/branding, we have also designed 13 pairs of eyelashes - that are now in production - to be launched in the Winter of 2021. 
I've also in that time gone through and revamped our entire website in the background. No solid changes you'll see yet, but man I'm so happy with it.

When we launched, I never imagined it would be what it is today. It's so humbling, so beautiful and so surreal to see my work the way I do. It's amazing, like people will tag my in a photo or a video and our boxes are in peoples homes. IN. THEIR. HOMES. Every single item that I've so lovingly created, touched, packaged, imagined, they now exist in other peoples lives and in that same breath, I'm in peoples lives. 
That's amazing. ANYWAY

I'm so excited to launch our new look, new products and finally go vegan! I've been plant-based myself for a couple of years - and whilst I truly believe I went to every imaginable length to have the most ethical mink lashes possible, that wasn't enough. Mink fur no longer aligns with my personal/ethical values.

In saying that, I loved the way mink lashes looked. I love the raw fluffy look. I love the uneven curls and differing lengths, always perfectly imperfect.
I really thought it was impossible to have this perfectly imperfect look with synthetic lashes (+ the 25+ wears) but boy oh BOY was I wrong. Well, no, I wasn't wrong. This is months of work. It's been really hard to find someone that understood my vision for these lashes and knew how to achieve them.

These vegan lashes are out of this world - I'm really REALLY not the type to toot my own horn, but these are the most realistic faux mink I've seen in my 4.5 years in the false eyelash industry. The initial samples we made looks so good that I had to melt them just to make sure they really were synthetic (confirmed, they are absolutely synthetic, please don't melt your eyelashes at home. Take them to a friends house instead.) (I'm kidding) (don't do it.)

I'm hoping to launch them sooner rather than later. Possibly early winter!

Whoever you are, whenever you end up reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking your time and reading this random post I wrote at 01:00 am on a Thursday morning.

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