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We are so excited to launch our premium quality false lashes! We're launching February 2017, with an exact date yet to be announced, so stay tuned!
Many of you that find your way here may do so by word of mouth, or ads, so I'd like to introduce myself and my brand to you all!

So hi! My name is Kristina, and I'm the founder (and the only staff member) of Klepki lashes. I've been working as a makeup artist for around three years now, and I adore what I do. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram. I remember my first pair of mink lashes SO well. They were so wondrous compared to my synthetic ones I had grown to adore... these were on a whole other level. I fell in love. 
Ever since, I've thought about starting my own line, and dreamt of it being the epitome of luxury. 

I want my customers to open their Klepki Lashes package and have that "woah" moment like I did when I bought my first ever pair, but I want each and every time you purchase to be an equally beautiful, luxurious experience.

I have cut zero costs for my brand. All of the lashes in my line are not machine made. Every single one has been lovingly designed, handcrafted, tied, and packaged. And the packaging? I am SO excited to showcase it. Matte black, rose gold, and so much love. 
Another thing I love is that Klepki Lashes are cruelty free. The fur is collected when the minks naturally shed during shedding season. It is then cleaned and sanitized to world health and safety regulation standards. 

See, to me, great makeup has a few elements that you need to master for it to look great. Those elements are: base, brows, lips and, you guessed it, lashes. I can have zero eye makeup on, but having lashes on honestly makes it go from daytime look to nighttime look instantly. 

I genuinely hope you love Klepki Lashes as much as I have loved every moment of creating them. 

- K
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